Tariff Increases

May 12, 2017

Over the past few months we have had significant price increases of raw ingredients; this has been due to numerous factors including raw material costs, strength of the pound, living wage, fuel costs and unpredictable weather.

 Below is a list of key ingredients used on a daily basis that have increased significantly in price.

-      Organic milk up by 25% and butter 20% (increased packaging costs, energy, feed and wage costs adding to the current pressures on the market).

-      Tinned Tuna rose by another 35% (raw material prices increased 53% last year).

-      Tinned Tomatoes up by 27% (raw materials, weather and the change in currency).

- Bottled Water up by 55% (increased packaging costs, energy and wage costs).

Harsh weather conditions in Spain has resulted in up to 50% price increases on fruit and vegetables from the region (e.g. lettuce, broccoli and courgettes).

As a result we have had to review our tariffs and offers across the campuses accordingly. Unfortunately we will need to raise some prices but will endeavour to keep this to as few as possible. We will highlight on the menus any items that have incurred an increase, please look out for our Price Checkers (please see next page).

We will continue to review our range and ensure that we maintain high quality and great value. We are acutely aware of the cost associated with attending University and will ensure that there is always a great array of value offers and our current Meal Deals will still be offered as standard and will of course be the best value for money.

Despite these changes we will continue to represent excellent value for money.

Catering Price Comparisons against other Universities and the High Street:


UOC Roehampton   Vale   LSBU UWL University of Surrey High Street
Latte (8oz) £1.70 £2.65 £1.65 £1.45 £2.20 £2.25
Cappuccino(12oz) £1.80 £2.70 £2.00 £1.70 £2.60 £2.70
Chips (Portion) £1.35 £1.50 £1.50 £1.50 £2.20 £2.00
Slice of Cake £1.80 £1.80 £1.80 £1.90 £1.90 £3.50
Bottled Water £0.90 £0.90 £1.30 £1.60 £0.75 £0.60
Piece of Fruit £0.55 £0.60 £0.80 £0.80 £0.90 £0.55
Value Meal Deal £3.00 £2.70 £2.80 £3.50 £3.69 £3.50




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